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Edutaining production for Centre of Child Law, University of Pretoria We have produced scores of video productions for government Event recording in the Aula, Pretoria, done with our multi-camera small OB Unit Setting up for the series Abacus, recorded in Johannesburg and broadcast by SABC A video production for Department of Science and Technology Panache Video Productions has a carefully indexed stock-shot library and very reasonable rates

The people to provide professional programmes with punch & panache!

Mini Show Reel (1 minute)

There is no educational/informational/marketing tool as effective as a well-crafted video production – and we are passionate about producing just such videos/DVDs!

We have decades of experience with all genres – from video productions and series for broadcast to the recording of corporates and corporate events. We have produced scores of corporate videos and have many delighted customers. Check out what clients have said about us.

If you haven't tried video/DVD for corporate communication (marketing, induction, etc.) yet, you might consider doing so; research proves that people are more than twice as likely to remember information received audio-visually than information either only seen or heard. Video is becoming an essential component of all corporate communication. Interestingly, a survey by BizzCommunication.com (Production News, 28 January 2011) shows that the effectiveness of the message is more important than the technical aspects of the video/DVD.

That means, as we have always known, that a good script makes for a good video. Obviously the video should be technically excellent, but you need not pull out all the stops with 3-D animation, household name voice-over artists or famous actors for your corporate video.(However, if the budget allows and razzle-dazzle is what you want, that's what you’ll get) .

A good script cannot be overrated and we are sticklers for detail, ensuring that your message is crystal clear and the graphics, animation, music and even the font used for titles, all combine in a pleasing manner to reflect and enhance your production/corporate image. We will make sure you get just the video/DVD you envisaged!

The creative process of making something from nothing, which is a very apt description of the video production process, is very satisfying - for both producer and client.

Try us, you'll like us!

Panache provides free quotations, according to your specifications.

Generally Panache is involved in the entire video production process, from conception to final copies, but we can also do your post-production video editing and final mix of pre-recorded material.

We edit on a Grass Valley (previously Canopus) system (Edius VI) and provide the final programme on the format of your choice: DVD, broadcast format, internet formats, Flash, etc.

The Mini Show Reel above (which loads quickly and is only a minute long) gives you just a glimpse of the scope of our work. If you'd like to see our entire Show DVD, please or view the full Show Reel on Youtube it will take only seven minutes of your time and could save you thousands of rand! The Panache Video Productions Youtube Channel contains various short clips/sections of programmes of various genres, such as a web marketing video created for a guest house in Ireland, corporates, induction, how-to and educational programmes. A lecture series (Mentalist Martial Arts), can be viewed  elsewhere on the web, as can the music video ("We the People of South Africa") that was put together entirely with stock shots).  Do have a look and get an idea of what we can do for you.

Panache is very centrally located in Pretoria, but we do not limit our recordings to Pretoria, Johannesburg or even Gauteng – we go wherever the client requires us to go; in addition, we also liaise with good camera operators in other provinces who record and courier material (where the shoot does not require the director's presence on location), in order to work as efficiently and economically as possible.

In addition, we have a very well organised Stock Shot Library -- which can come in very handy to liven up almost any video production!

Panache Video Productions is based in Pretoria, but we record anywhere We produce wedding videos/DVDs custom-made to delight. What you want, is what you get We can find the shots in the Panache Video Production shot library quickly and charge usage fees are very reasonable We always make use of tried and trusted (and creative!) camera operators The production team for the edutaining series Homeostasis, produced by Panache Video Productions Panache Video Production's technical quality is always excellent